Add music to express your feelings! 

Do you want people around you to feel excited? Sentimental? Inspired? Focused?  Whatever feeling you wish to express, we can write musics to reflect precisely the emotions you are trying to convey.

SONGS: Do you need a song for your school, association or even for a special event?  We can work with you to compose and customise it to the highest professional standards.

SOUNDTRACKS: Do you wish to add a musical soundtrack to your videos or slideshows?  We can work with you to add music to your visual content to give it exactly the kind of mood you want.

AMBIENT MUSIC: Put your clients in the right mood when they walk into your shop, restaurant or mall.  Ambient music will add an extra touch of class to your business and will take the focus away from unpleasant or boring background noises.  The right ambient music will relax, excite or simply mesmerize your clients, giving them an enhanced “customer experience”.

JINGLES: An essential tool for Emcees, but also ideal for parties, Dinner & Dance, birthdays, radio shows and other special occasions.  Why not create a short, fun and custom-made jingle to punctuate the event?

Don’t just share images – share your feelings!